Washed Ashore

Open now through September 2

The Washed Ashore experience is included with admission to the aquarium!

This summer, explore Washed Ashore, the traveling art exhibit at the New York Aquarium! This beautiful, powerful experience features 35 larger-than-life animal sculptures showcasing the impact of plastic pollution on our oceans. Each sculpture depicts a unique species of marine animal, including sharks, penguins, jellyfish and more, and is created entirely from repurposed marine debris. The animals featured in the Washed Ashore experience all represent species that WCS is working to protect around the world and locally in New York’s waters, as well as species you can visit at the aquarium.

We hope you’ll join us to enjoy these unique sculptures—and to learn more about the scale and impact of ocean plastics, and the practical steps we can take right now to protect marine animals.

Explore the Sculptures

Ocean plastics impact animals that live in and depend on the ocean. Together, we can take steps to reduce the amount of plastic entering the ocean. As you explore these unique aquatic animal sculptures, you’ll learn about the dangers posed by ocean plastics, how New York Aquarium is working around the world and here in New York City to protect the ocean and life that depends on it, and the many ways you can help too!

Enjoy the Activities

Throughout the summer, learn more about protecting animals from ocean plastics with…


Aquarium Quests!

At Quest Stations throughout the park, our expert Discovery Guides will offer hands-on activities, games, and educational experiences highlighting ocean plastics and their impact on wildlife.

Weekends & Holidays, May-Jun 9
Wed-Sun & Holidays, Jul-Sep 2


Canyons Edge Experience

Ocean experts will help you to understand the important role that the Hudson Canyon serves for the future of marine life.

Weekends & Holidays, May-Jun
Daily, Jul-Sep 2


Sea Cliffs Exhibit Experiences

Experts will deliver fun and educational talks during feeding time at Sea Cliffs! Learn how we care for animals at the aquarium and in the wild.

Daily, Jul-Aug


Wildlife Theater

Enjoy music, puppetry, and storytelling on the Plaza Stage under the big white tent. Our two shows, The Amazing Tuna Adventure and The Adventures of Super Shark, focus on the relationship between our oceans and plastic use.

Daily, Jul-Aug

Member Exclusives

Members' Evening at the New York Aquarium - Thursday, July 25

Join us for a beach party complete with sand castle building (with help from the experts), touch tanks, volleyball, music, educational activities, aquatheater, crafts, trivia, and more. All areas of the aquarium will be open until 8pm for Members only. Build a new Washed Ashore sculpture using marine debris, and help create a new tentacle to add to one of the art exhibit’s jellyfish sculptures!

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