Water Quality Lab

Call for volunteers for the Water Quality Lab!


Maintaining the appropriate water quality of aquatic animals is absolutely essential to their health and vitality. The Water Quality Lab at the New York Aquarium is part of the Aquatic Health Center and is responsible for maintaining the chemical parameters for all aquaria onsite. The water sampling and analyses performed by the Water Quality Team is performed on a daily basis and requires the use of various different instruments and meters, such as ionic selective electrodes (ISE), colorimeters, and spectrophotometers. We also work with chemicals that are commonly used to adjust or enhance water quality when necessary. Some of these chemicals are sodium carbonate, sodium hypochlorite, and lanthanum chloride. Volunteers will assist in water sampling, analyzing samples, calibrating meters, assisting with general housekeeping, as well as gain skills in laboratory best practices. Our volunteers also get to forge new professional relationships by collaborating with animal keepers, trainers, life support, veterinarian, and educational staff. The Water Quality Team is transitioning to green chemistry and sustainable methods, so researching and problem solving with a “green mind” is kindly welcomed.


  • Must be 18 years of age with a high school diploma or equivalent
  • Ability to stand for long periods of time, stoop and/or climb ladders
  • Chemistry, biology, and/or laboratory background is preferred
  • Have a full understanding of and be able to apply basic math skills
  • Able to work well in a busy and fast-paced environment independently
  • Effective communication and collaborative skills are vital
  • Interest in aquariums, water chemistry, animal health and/or wildlife conservation

Essential Responsibilities

  • Collecting water samples
  • Monitoring temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen, pH
  • Data entry, clerical duties
  • Analyzing samples and reporting results
  • Calibrating meters
  • Laboratory housekeeping
  • Additional duties as needed by the Aquatic Health Management Team


A regular, agreed-upon schedule based on the laboratory’s working hours: Monday-Sunday (8AM-5PM). Scheduling is flexible (within reason) to accommodate the volunteer’s needs. A minimum commitment of six months is expected.

How to Apply

We are not currently accepting new applications.

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