Young children can explore a kelp forest, coral reef, and the sandy shore - and transform themselves into sharks, sardines, or whales in this bilingual exhibit! They’ll also get hands-on with marine animals at the Touch Pool.

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  • Low Light
  • Touch Exhibit
  • Wheelchair Accessible

Kids, Animals, and Science

In PlayQuarium, you’ll learn how animals communicate underwater, and explore a life-sized kelp forest. Then play the role of a scientist and search for bioluminescent fish in a submarine. Children will feel connected to the ocean across the boardwalk, and learn about the ecosystem thriving beneath the surface.

Bilingual and Accessible

PlayQuarium is our first fully bilingual exhibit, in English and Spanish. PlayQuarium is wheelchair accessible, and features plenty of tactile elements. It’s the perfect place for children and families to connect with our oceans.

Touch Pool

The Touch Pool is the place to meet local marine invertebrates including crabs, marine snails, and sea urchins. Our staff members will help you learn more about these amazing animals.

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In the Touch Pool

Purple Sea Urchin

Purple sea urchins inhabit the eastern edge of the Pacific Ocean from Mexico to British Columbia. Their spines spear food and protect them from predators.

Horseshoe Crab

Despite their name, these marine arthropods are more closely related to spiders and scorpions than to true crabs or crustaceans.

Spider Crab

This aquatic scavenger uses its appendages to scan the seabed for decaying matter while defending itself from small predators.

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