In our interactive show, the bonds our sea lions have with their trainers take center stage. The animals learn behaviors from them that stimulate their natural instincts and aid in their care.

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Year-round, weather permitting. Show schedule varies seasonally. Check listing in lobby for daily times.


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California Sea Lions

California sea lions are the only species that are exhibited in all five WCS parks in New York City – the Bronx Zoo, Central Park Zoo, Prospect Park Zoo, Queens Zoo, and New York Aquarium. Individuals are periodically moved between the parks for breeding to ensure the population is sustainable and genetically healthy.

Natural Behavior

Our keepers use a process called “scanning” wherein animals are asked to perform a natural behavior on cue. We wait for a sea lion to perform a behavior without prompting, and reinforce it immediately. If we do this consistently, the animal will perform a behavior more often.

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