New York Aquarium Birthday Parties FAQs

When can I book the birthday party?

We recommend you book the birthday party as early as possible since space is limited especially during the spring and summer. At a minimum, parties need to be booked at least two weeks prior to the party date. If you book a party less than four weeks before the party date, we require full payment of the party package to reserve the spot.

What if I need more time in the party room?

For an extra half-hour, to give you time to bring in more snacks for your guests, pay an additional fee of $100. Availability varies so please ask the birthday party coordinator about availability on your chosen date.

What if I bring additional guests?

We require a guest list two weeks before the party date so they are allowed smooth entry. If the amount of guests goes over what your intended tier is, you will automatically be charged for the next tier price. We cannot accommodate more than 45 guests.

Are adults able to stay with the children during the party?

The birthday child's caregiver plus one other adult must remain with the party group at all times. For children ages 3–7, you have the option of inviting fewer children and more adults. For children ages 8–10, adults will drop off their children at the party room and return at the end of the party. Caregivers who are waiting for children to finish the party are welcome to explore the aquarium throughout the duration of the party.

What age is appropriate for an aquarium birthday party?

Our parties are geared for children ages 3–11. In order to schedule a party, the birthday child must be turning at least 3 years old. No exceptions can be made.

Will the guests be able to meet an animal?

Yes, there will be one animal that relates to the selected theme. Educators will introduce guests to the animal and allow them to touch the animal. For the shark theme party, children must be able to reach into the touch pool and touch the animal without being lifted.

What if it is cold or rainy on the day of my party?

The New York Aquarium has many indoor animal exhibits to explore, so the party will be held even in inclement weather. Guests should dress appropriately since they will need to walk outside to get to the various exhibits.

Can I bring my own decorations?

The party is held in an attractive room and you are welcome to bring additional party decorations for the space. Balloons, confetti & inflatables are not permitted in the aquarium as they are harmful to our animals.

How early can I come to decorate the space?

The party family is allowed to come 30 minutes before the party starts so they can decorate the party space.

Is food provided for the party?

No, however, hosts are permitted to bring food for their guests. Please note that the aquarium does not provide paper goods and utensils.

Where do my guests go when they arrive at the Aquarium?

Admissions gate staff will direct party guests to a meeting point near the party room. From there, a staff member will escort all guests to the party room. Latecomers can check in with our admissions gate staff for directions to the party room.

Can we remain in the Aquarium after the party?

You are given access to your private room only for two hours designated for your party. Afterwards, feel free to tour the Aquarium on your own.

What if I need to cancel my party?

Please be advised we cannot issue any credits or refunds for cancellations.

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