New York Aquarium Volunteer Programs

Julie Larsen Maher ©WCS
The New York Aquarium offers three volunteer programs. Our docent program is designed for those interested in volunteering with our Education Department. Volunteers with our Animal Exhibits Department help behind-the-scenes with animal care. Finally, our Volunteer Dive program is made up of certified SCUBA divers who help maintain our tanks—and don’t mind getting wet!

AQ Education

Internship Programs

The New York Aquarium’s animal husbandry internship programs expand upon the Aquarium’s long-term efforts to educate future Animal Care professionals. The internship focuses on collaborating with the Aquarium’s staff as we work to maintain our standards of excellence.

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Docent Opportunities

Become an aquarium docent and help staff exhibits, teach visitors about marine conservation, and assist at events and education programs. You'll meet individuals from around the world and join a family of fellow volunteers, staff, and wildlife experts who share a passion for our natural world.

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Animal Exhibits Department Volunteers

Volunteers with the aquarium's Animal Exhibits Department gain hands-on experience working with sea lions and seals alongside the trainers, fish and aquatic invertebrates in Conservation Hall or Explore the Shore, or a wide variety of marine creatures at Sea Cliffs.

Aquatic Health Center

Aquatic Animal Health Center Volunteers

The Aquatic Animal Health Center offers a great opportunity for volunteers to gain experience in both the laboratory and veterinary fields. Responsibilities include water quality testing, medical procedures, and maintenance and administrative work in our lab and surgical suite.


Volunteer Dive Program

The experienced scuba divers that make up the aquarium’s 50-person dive team are trained to do a range of tasks, including cleaning and maintaining the underwater exhibits and teaching visitors about our animals and their habitats.