New York Aquarium
​Volunteer Dive Program

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Photo Credit: Julie Larsen Maher © WCS

Ever daydream about the subway doors opening where you could giant-stride right into your favorite tropical reef? Ever wish you could spend the morning swimming with African penguins but have Brooklyn pizza for lunch?

Want to start filling your logbook year-round without an airplane or a boat ride?

Join the ranks of the NY Aquarium Volunteer Dive Team!

Between tending to our collection habitats, interacting with and educating our visitors both above and below water, and assisting the keepers with any other tasks that might require underwater support we do over a thousand dives a year.

Directly contribute to the mission of the Wildlife Conservation Society.
Help save wildlife and wild places.
Educate and inform our visitors about the underwater world we love as divers.
Learn about marine wildlife and ecosystems.
Gain more experience and more training as a diver.
Go diving.

You can do all of those things at the same time as a member of the NYAVDT!

General Requirements


All applicants must attend an orientation briefing. Orientations are held Saturday or Sunday mornings once a quarter; they include a meeting and a tour of the facility. The full orientation takes approximately three hours.

Please email for available dates. Occupancy is strictly limited and restricted to qualified Dive Team candidates.

No active volunteer work/diving is performed during the orientation day. Completed volunteer paperwork is not yet due at that time.

Document Requirements

No diver can be accepted for consideration until he/she has submitted all of the following documents.


Please Note: This is NOT a "Swim with the Dolphins" or "Swim with the Sharks" program.