Sea Cliffs

Outside, penguins, harbor seals, California sea lions, otters, and walruses swim and rest along a 300-foot-long swath of land that evokes the North Pacific’s rocky coastline.

What to See and Do

Daily Feedings: Sea otters, walruses, and penguins
A walrus sucks herring out of a giant straw, a sea otter plays a toy retrieve game for a scrumptious prize, and penguins bob for fish. Please note that feeding times are subject to change on a daily basis, based on the animals' needs. Check the schedule at the Aquarium's main entrance to confirm times.

Translate for a penguin.

What are the penguins braying about? It’s likely they're either saying “Here I am!” “Why’d you do that!” or “Hello, friend!”

Get up-close with the Aquatheater stars.
Visit Osborne, Duke, Nav, and Diego as they swim in their pool or rest on land. Did you know that some of a sea lion's most important life events occur on shore? Mating, birthing, and the rearing of young take place out of water.

Saving Penguins

The Wildlife Conservation Society saves penguins and their habitats, which are threatened by pollution—such as from oil spills—and coastal development. WCS conservationists also work to prevent excessive penguin egg and guano collection, and to create sustainable alternatives to fishing when it imperils the birds’ main food sources.