New York seascape and skyline

A New New York Aquarium

In transforming the aquarium, says Jon Dohlin, WCS Vice President and Director of the New York Aquarium, "we are creating a leading center for marine conservation."

Humpback Whale feeding NY Julie Larsen Maher ©WCS

Humpbacks in New York

Our staff photographer Julie Larsen Maher recently snapped this great shot of a humpback whale off the NY coast, but such a sighting is not as rare as you may think.


Beebe's Legacy

Eighty years ago, WCS naturalist William Beebe and engineer Otis Barton plunged more than 3,000 feet into the ocean and observed never-before-seen marine life in its natural habitat.

William Beebe atop Bathysphere

Happy Birthday William Beebe

William Beebe with the Bathysphere, in the year he set the world record for the deepest dive, traveling to 3,028 below the ocean's surface with the Bathysphere's creator, Otis Barton, 1934.