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Community Conservation Connections

Community Conservation Connections is the New York Aquarium's education outreach team that brings the aquarium to you! All programs are hands-on, giving participants the chance to interact with various materials and many programs include the chance to meet a live animal! An aquarium instructor will lead the program and engage participants in a memorable learning experience based on topics in marine biology. Community Conservation Connections is an exciting way to learn how life on land is connected to life in the water.

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1ST GRADE & UP: 35

TIME: 60 minutes

FEE: $200 per program

Special, book 2 programs and get a third free – for the same programs on the same day.

Little Marine Explorers


Open up a world of discovery with an introduction to our favorite place, the ocean! Students will explore what the ocean is, what lives in the ocean, and how animals survive there. We will bring the ocean to you as we engage in tactile experiences with salt water, beach sand, sea weed, biofacts and a live ocean animal.

Sea Star Sleuths

K-1st Grade

Hone your sea star sleuth skills and go on a problem solving advanture! Sea stars and their kin are extremely unique creatures and you'll uncover their similarities and differences through songs, habitat explorations, and meeting a live animal.

Awesome Amazon

2nd-3rd Grade

The Amazon Rainforest in South America is home to the incredible Amazon River and some amazing aquatic creatures. Discover the unique adaptations of the animals that rely on the river for their habitat and survival. Exploration of biofacts, geography, and rainforest products will help us understand the importance of the rainforest for wildlife and humans.

Marine Mammal Scientists

4th-5th Grade

Marine mammals are a charismatic group of animals that are an important part of ocean life. But, what do these animals have in common in order to be classified as marine mammals? Students are transformed into inquisitive scientists and work together to identify marine mammal species by using classification activities and investigating adaptations.

Combating Climate Change

4th-5th Grade

Uncover how climate change is affecting local habitats around New York City. In this program, students investigate scientific data to see how the climate is changing, meet an animal from New York who is threatened by these changes, and learn how you and your community can become leaders in helping to reduce its effects!

Urban Naturalists: Wild NYC

6th-8th Grade

Wildlife surrounds our city, in our waters and along our coastline. Discover with us a wild NYC that flourishes within our coastal habitats through exploring biofacts, meeting a live animal, and creation of a naturalist journal. This program will give your students the foundation they need to go on and conduct their own field study in the natural habitats hidden within our urban landscape.

Far Out Kelp Forests

Venture to the West coast of the United States to explore the life within the kelp forest habitat! Build a kelp forest and reveal how a special furry mammal plays an important role in this rich and diverse habitat. You'll also meet a live animal and discover why kelp forests are also important to humans.

Mysteries of the Deep: Sharks

Are all sharks really aggressive hunters? Do sharks call our New York waters home? Find out the real story about sharks and satisfy your curiosity about what makes these fish so amazing. Uncover the truth to age-old myths and tales about sharks as we discover how great they really are by exploring biofacts and testing out your shark knowledge.

Discovering Coral Reefs

Join us for an exploration of incredible coral reef habitats! Find out why corals and the reefs they form are key habitats for fish and marine invertebrates. Discover the wonders of corals as we investigate biofacts, play a coral reef guessing game, meet a live reef animal, and learn about our role in helping to keep these wild places healthy and safe.

Watercolors Underwater

Art and science come together in this program where students make watercolor paintings of marine wildlife and habitats. Explore and observe biofacts from different species and meet an animal to spark inspiration and inquiry! Take your painting home and share your new-found knowledge of local animals through your work!

Seaside Naturalists

Great for lower elementary grade levels

Become a marine nature explorer! Make discoveries as you explore the wonders of local beach habitats and the wildlife that lives there. Make a naturalist journal and fill it with your observations of sand exploration, beach animal biofacts, and your experience of meeting an animal up close!

Some programs are recommended for children in specific grade levels, as these are aligned to specific state standards for learning. Mysteries of the Deep: Sharks, Far Out Kelp Forests, Watercolors Underwater, and Discovering Coral Reefs are accessible to a variety of ages and families. We welcome all learners and are happy to work with you in accommodating the needs of your audience.

Events and Fairs

The Community Conservation Connections outreach team is available to be a part of your event or fair. For $450 we can be present for up to 2 hours at your event and include interactive activities such as meeting a live animal, a craft, and biofacts. Only a few select programs are appropriate for public events: Far Out Forests, Mystery of the Deep: Sharks, or Rediscovering Reefs

Your facility must provide a table and tent, if outdoors. Please call to discuss details of how we can be involved in your event.

To Book Community Conservation Connections:

Please call 718-265-3452 or email

request more information on programs

Payment Information:

Fee: $200 per program

Duration: 1 hour

Maximum group size: 35

Special, book 2 programs and get a third free – for the same programs on the same day.

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